Adrianne Roberts

Flower Fairy Queen

•  Lead Educator

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Quick Summary: Specializing in custom crafted, inter-disciplinary, project-based, unique classes... with a touch of whimsy! Owner and founder of Sunflower Studio, a creative education space located in Bethel, Connecticut. I work with home schooled and after-school students, primarily ages 4-10, accommodating all different learning styles - either in the studio or online.  My students live local, across the US, and internationally!


My Favorite Thing About Teaching: I am happiest while watching students have their "aha" moment - the realization that all of the dots are magically connected and it comes together beautifully! 

Most Used Quote: "It is what it is but will become what you make it."

Stay In Touch: You can keep up with me, my students, and all of my various projects on social media by clicking on the icons below.

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- Hello - 

It's so nice to meet you!

You probably want to know a little bit about who I am and what Sunflower Studio has to offer!

I am a highly organized and creative educator that goes outside of the traditional curriculum box to bring inter-disciplinary, unique, custom classes to children of all ages. After seeing how much my child and other students were retaining information, I discovered that project-based learning is the best way to describe how and what I do best.


This realization prompted me to start my own creative education studio space to inspire others to learn creatively and embrace each unique learning challenge with confidence! This approach has led to cheerful students and satisfied parents!

I have carefully chosen some other amazing educators that offer additional classes in the studio. Make sure to check out the classes page to see our current selection. 

More questions? Contact me to schedule a time to chat over tea either literally in person or virtually over the phone!

Be inspired,