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Airplane Trip with Mom & Dad

By: Chris

This young creative writing student wrote about an imaginary vacation that he took with his parents on Thanksgiving day. He really enjoys drawing so he added some of his art to this story.

On Thanksgiving Day, my family and I went to a store. We all went to get a bathing suit. I got a plain blue bathing suit. The store was next door to the airport, so we walked over to get on to the airplane.

Our plane had 400 seats. The 400 seats were plain white. All the seats were empty except one. He was a clown and taught us how to juggle balls. He gave us some balls to practice juggling. Two hours later, we landed in Miami, Florida.

We went to the beach first. There was a person who was selling a boat and we bought it. So we bought a motor boat. I tried to jump onto the boat, but I missed and fell into the sand and crab chased me. The crab chased me all around the beach and finally I jumped into the boat.

We headed towards the ocean for an adventure. I looked down and there we saw a fake crab in the boat on the floor. The crab was a wind-up toy that I can play with. I named him Jack.

Next, we saw a rocky island straight ahead of us. Dad parked the boat right next to the island. We got out of our boat and started to climb up the rocky mountains to see what was at the top.

There, we found a cave with paintings on the walls from the middle ages. The paintings were about people hunting, eating, making tools, and fishing. They were big and pretty!

On the floor, we found a big human skull. I tried to pick it up and I found a stone under it. I picked up the big, gray, stone and there was a hole filled with gold and jewels! We took some of it with us.

We climbed back down the mountain, headed back to the boat, and then continued our ocean adventure.

It was the best Thanksgiving ever!


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