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Does JetBlue hold up to its competitors?

Our travel correspondent went on a jetBlue trip and decided to review his experience.

I received a notification 24 hours before I was supposed to depart and a link to the app for check in. I checked in using the jetBlue app on my phone. It was very seamless, the app was streamlined and easy to use. If you fly the airline more than once, you should download the app as they will most likely give you a better boarding position.

At jetBlue, there are six boarding groups. Mint (jetBlue’s business class premium travel service only found on cross country and select Caribbean flights) and Mosaic members, (very frequent flyers) and groups A,B,C,D, and E.

When I check in via my computer through an email, I always get group C. I have found that if you check in using the jetBlue app via my phone, and if you check in pretty close to 24 hours early, I have gotten group B.

Aerial view of Terminal 5

On September 12, I was scheduled to fly out of New York’s John F. Kennedy airport to San Francisco International Airport at 11:05 am. jetBlue is located in Terminal 5 in JFK and it is beautiful. jetBlue was born in New York City and is New York’s Hometown Airline. Terminal 5 is the old TWA terminal that has been refurbished and expanded beautifully in 2008. It also carries some flights from JetBlue’s partner airlines, such as Aer Lingus, TAP Portugal, and Hawaiian airlines. The terminal has a few great features, such as a kids lounge, a rooftop garden, sleeping pods, and good restaurants.

Unfortunately, my flight was delayed until 2:35 pm due to runway construction in both San Francisco and New York. I went to the help desk in the check in area and the agent there was very helpful. She put us on an earlier flight that had also been delayed because of runway construction. This new flight left at 12:55 pm. Based on my experience, the employees are always willing to accommodate and are very creative in fixing your problems, and they always try to make your experience on jetBlue a little bit better.

The food in the terminal was very good. I got a burger for lunch. It came swiftly and had lettuce and tomato on it. There is a food court that will have some upgraded options coming fall 2019, which will include local favorites such as Shake Shack, Ovenly, and Melt Shop.

The plane was very nice. It was clean, had DirecTV, many other media options, and good snacks. It had very good legroom (32”, the most legroom in a domestic coach seat) and the seat reclined about an inch and a half even though I was sitting in the last row in the plane.

The flight was very good. There were clear skies and no turbulence at all during the flight.

Overall, my jetBlue experience was very good. I highly recommend flying jetBlue, and especially on cross-country flights.

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