Great Hollow Graduation

On Nov. 19, 2010 I graduated from the Junior Naturalists class at Great Hollow. We had a huge fire to fire clay bowls, pots, pendants, dice, etc. that we made. When the fire died down we roasted hotdogs, peppers, mushrooms, onions, and venison. It was delicious!

We then made another fire pit, and put what was left of the first fire, and some logs into it. When the parents came, we had another small fire going. While we stood by the fire, the teachers called us up one by one, and said a bunch of nice things about us. We then received a certificate and leather pouch necklace filled with lavender, sage, and pine needles. It smelled wonderful. Everything was so nice that I almost cried. Rather than shaking my hand, Justin and Chris said unique, and special things from their heart. It was 100 times better than any graduation I have ever seen.

Note from Adrianne: As of 2019, Great Hollow is back with homeschool classes along with Two Coyotes and the Pratt Nature Center- all of these programs get a thumbs up from William!

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