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Perfect Fall Activities

Our travel correspondent is taking you to places in the area for fall fun!

Fall is here, and as the leaves change color, we start thinking about apple picking, pumpkins, orange trees, and that Pumpkin Spice Latte. Where should you go to do those fun fall activities? Here are some of my favorite places to go in the fall!

Beaver Dam Park, 115 Beaver Dam Park, Bedford Hills, New York: This is a great place to hike and see some fall colors! The Beaver Dam River runs through the lower area of this park and converges with another river. You can sit and watch the water go by and make a boat to float down the river out of sticks. There is a beautiful, large meadow before you get to the river that you can check out as well. There is a dog area on top of the hill, but it is only for dogs that have some special tag from the town. It's ok to take your dog hiking on the trails. Go to the bottom of the hill via the road and turn right on Beaver Dam Road to get to the river and meadow. Go down the road for a couple of hundred feet and you will see the meadow. Go to the end of the meadow to get to the river. You won’t be dissapointed!

Kensico Dam Plaza County Park, Valhalla, New York: There is a big grassy field there, so bring some games to play. There are no drones or kites allowed though. If you have kids, bring them to the playground. It has all sorts of equipment that you can play on. It even has a separate section for the younger children. If you want to get some exercise, there is a rectangular path that loops around the field and to the 9/11 memorial. You can even climb the hundred or so stairs to the top and be rewarded with views of the Reservoir, the park, and Downtown White Plains. Bring a scooter or a bike, because it is fun to climb up the right side of the dam and ride down the brick path that goes to the bottom right corner of the rectangle path.

Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard, 130 Hardscrabble Road, North Salem, New York: Harvest Moon is a very good orchard. They have some apples to pick, and they have a whole pumpkin patch. They also have a farm store inside, where lots of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits are. They have preserves and jellies as well as some of their delicious Apple Cider. Before you go, be sure to try one of their famous Apple Cider Donuts! If you don’t like the selection at Harvest Moon, walk across the street to Outhouse Orchards! They have a farm store as well as cider donuts, but I prefer Harvest Moon for the donuts.

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, 1902 Stone Hill Rd, Cross River, New York: One of the prettiest places in this area! There is a small fee for entering the park, but it is well worth it. There are places to appease everyone. There are big meadows along the reservation road with paths that weave their way through the grasses. You can see the Cross River in all of its glory and hike alongside it. There are many fabulous trails into the woods as well. You can see the Leatherman’s Cave and the Indian Rock Formation. You can also see the most amazing patches of woods you will find in this area. There are some places in the woods that are covered in ferns, and others that have wild grasses. There are areas fully covered in rocks and also swamps. If you like Ward Pound Ridge so much that you don’t want to leave, you can also camp out there. If the kids are tired of hiking, there is also a playground. Visit Trailside Nature Museum, for more information on the reservation and the surrounding area. There are artifacts from the Native American Tribes there, as well as some other tidbits about the wildlife and topography of the area. If you happen to come here during the summertime, don’t miss the wild blueberry patch at the end of Michigan Road in the meadow!

Mianus River Gorge Preserve, 167 Mianus River Road, Bedford, New York: This is my absolute favorite hike, in all seasons. To get here, drive off of the main road onto a quaint dirt road. There is a small dam with a house next to it and a beautiful waterfall. You will turn onto another dirt road and drive through the most beautiful scenery that you could possibly imagine. The entrance to this preserve has a small sign, with a gate made out of small logs with the bark on them. There is a small parking lot with a big map of the trails and smaller maps that you can take. See that old-fashioned water pump next to the big map? It actually works! Give it a try, but don’t drink from it. That is a fun way to wash your hands. The trails are very well maintained here, so you won’t get lost. One trail goes along the Mianus River. Another one goes along the top of a ridge, and yet another, very short trail goes along the river’s edge and goes up a rocky ledge to the other trails after passing a gorgeous waterfall. This place is highly recommended!

I hope you enjoy these amazing places! Tell us in the comments if you plan to check on of these places out!

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