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The Planet Is Under Attack!!

By: Bahadur Singh

Age: 8

Our planet is under attack, not from zombies, endermen, creepers, or husk monsters but TRASH!!!!!! In 2015 American's threw away 262.4 million tonnes of waste!!! This is getting bigger every year. Every single person throws away nearly 5lbs of trash every day. Do you know how much trash you throw away every day?

We are destroying the planet. There is so much rubbish in the oceans ... every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped in our seas. If we keep putting our rubbish in the ocean then by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish!!!

Plastic takes 500 years to decompose! Our landfills are getting bigger. The rotting rubbish is making a dangerous greenhouse gas called methane which is increasing global warming and polluting our air. Leachate is also made in landfills and is a poisonous sludge that goes through our soil and goes into our rivers and seas.

China was buying America’s trash for recycling. They were fine with it being all mixed up. Last year, they changed their rules. Now they want it all separated and no contamination, which we cannot do. We tried sending it to some other different countries but we just have too much. Now some cities are sending all their rubbish to landfill as its too expensive to recycle.

Since recycling isn’t working anymore, we need to reduce and reuse instead!!!

If you want to help save the world you can try these ideas below:

  • Refuse to buy things with lots of packaging

  • Refuse to use plastic straws and cutlery

  • Reduce: don’t buy things you don’t really need.

  • Reuse: share / pass on clothes and toys you have grown out of or don’t like anymore instead of throwing them away.

  • Use: a reusable water bottle, reusable straws, bars of soap for shampoo and hand washing! And get your mum and dad to use resuable shopping bags.

  • COMPOST!!! Food waste decomposes properly in compost not in landfills. If we compost there will be less methane gas and leachate created and more space in the landfills.

  • Try a ZERO WASTE WEEK! Some people have just 1 small glass jar of trash for years!!!!!

Greta Thunberg is a 16 year old girl from Sweden who spoke at the UN Climate Summit which was in New York recently; she became famous for starting the school strikes for climate change and she is telling us we have to take action NOW, because we still have time to SAVE THE PLANET AND OUR FUTURE but its running out !!






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